24.02.2017 13-16 Empathy Workshop / Urban Development

Clare Farell & Miles Glynn (GB) – Emphthy /Body Politic – Sustainable fashion/Urban Art

Clare will intruduce her ideas, visions and methods from the Body Politic event in London, wich will be the point of departure for her art action in may for the PS2 Exhibition at Warehouse9.


Miles Glyn is a multi skilled designer and maker with a career history spanning sculpture, set making, 3d modelling and animation. Currently the #BodyPolitic project fulfils the urgency and engagement with the world that Jewellery making, fashion and fine art cannot. When not working on BodyPolitic Miles makes Sculptural Jewellery and Accessories under the name of Strange-Loop, based in East London.


Based in London, Clare is currently working with various clients sourcing and managing design and development of sustainable fashion products. She holds a BA in fashion, and has worked across the UK high street, luxury and ethical sectors whilst always keeping an interest in politics, the environment and activism. In 2014 she started her own line of technical women’s cycle wear, No Such Thing, designed and developed with performance, recyclability and low toxicity in mind.
Continuously researching, and particularly interested in environmental and cultural studies, Clare enjoys guest lecturing at various universities including Central Saint Martins, London College of Fashion, Goldsmiths and Birmingham City University.

Now working on #bodypolitic, a project developed to turn human bodies in public space into messages of positive resistance she is combining her activist work and fashion design career in a new way.


A project developed to turn human bodies in public space into messages of positive resistance

Miles Glyn: Sculptural Jewellery and Accessories

No Such Thing
Clare Farell: Technical women’s cycle wear