7-9 April 2017 – Workshop – PlatformShift+ Creative Forum, Tallin, Estonia

16:30 – 16:55 Interventions for Peoples Smart Sculpture
Presentation by Martin Koplin M2C – Institut für angewandte Medienforschung in Bremen, Germany and Jorgen Callesen, Artistic director of Warehouse9, Coplenahgen, Denmark about the Peoples Smart Sculpture project.

Martin Koplin
Martin Koplin is the founding Director of M2C Institute (established in 2007 as media2culture institute) in Bremen. He´s coordinating the project “The People’s Smart Sculpture – PS2”, a Creative Europe project that engages twelve partners, in eleven sub-projects in eight European countries – partners from art, digital art, performance art, participative art, digital media and computer science.

Together with Jørgen Callesen from Warehouse9 in Copenhagen, Martin Koplin with present some of the main ideas and examples of the work in PS2 at the platformshift+ Creative Forum Culture – Technology – Real Life.

Interventions for the People´s Smart Sculpture in Copenhagen and Bremen
Participation has a long cultural tradition in Europe. Participation is based on the cooperation between different social groups, spheres of action and institutions. In most of the European and Western countries the realm of urban development has generated its own strategies on how citizens can be involved in decision making, design and participation. But the rising complexity of life in so-called smart urbanity, the re-design of our cities, and the multidisciplinarity of digital approaches is challenging the traditional forms of participatory concepts in urbanity. Urban re-design, place-making for future urbanity therefore require an enhanced approach to citizen participation, artistic interventions and user-friendly articulation methodologies on the one hand and on the other hand technologies and methodologies for a new perception of the urban environment. To increase the engagement in participatory urban design and interactions can lead to social development and local innovation. But it cannot be done just by creating or using new digital technologies. It can only be done by using intelligent cultural methods in combination with the development or use of new tools that help to involve also groups of citizens that are mostly left out of today’s urban development, like youth or migrants, that help to intervene, where art creates a public.

In the PS2 project people of any age and background, artists, activists, designers, scientists work together in experimental design of tools and methodologies for the collaborative and participative smart development of their urban environment. By doing this The People’s Smart Sculpture tries to find answers on how the urgent needs of how urban participation can be adapted to future demands. The project is about the re-design and the cultural construction of future spaces by real people as performative spaces. It fosters participative arts, urban design, and culture processes in Europe´s city spaces. The PS2 approach works on two levels: 1. The employment of new methodologies, artistic strategies, software and apps for participatory urban re-design that is tested on site or in everyday life situations. 2. The evaluation of those activities in a comparative analysis under the aspect of real transferability.


12:15_14:15 Digital Media Arts – Workshop by Jørgen Callesen
Lecture and workshop about the use of digital media in the stage arts with artistic methods.